Melissa Lee

Senior Luxury Travel Advisor


Melissa is a consummate world traveler having traveled all over the world and has lived in Hong Kong and Beijing. Her personal motto is "Have passport, Will Travel." She has a vast knowledge and experience of domestic and faraway destinations particularly in Scandinavia, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. Melissa is passionate and enthusiastic about planning all details of travel and enjoys helping her clients create memorable getaways both near and far. She incorporates local experiences and flavors into her trip planning so that clients can have an immersive experience. When not flying off to further her knowledge of a destination, Melissa likes to spend time her with children and researching her next trip. Melissa was named a Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine "Jetsetter" and a Travel + Leisure Magazine "A-List" Travel Advisor as a Scandinavia and Iceland Specialist.

Favorite Travel Memory

My favorite travel memory is from childhood and my family's trip to Kenya & Tanzania. We traveled for two weeks on safari, city sightseeing and visiting local villages. There was no TV and this was before mobile phones were everywhere, so we we spent the entire trip in each other's company. I remember sharing the experience of being in awe at the magnificent animals and adventuring together in a new and exciting destination.

Favorite Destination

My favorite region to travel to is Scandinavia. Every time I visit, no matter the season or the destination, I fall in love with a new experience, a new food and a new way of life. I love wandering the streets of Copenhagen in search of new home design shops, sleeping among the trees in Swedish Lapland, adventuring across the glaciers of Iceland and discovering new cafes and coffeeshops in a region known for its high coffee consumption. I love the Scandinavian lifestyle that embraces all seasons and outdoor activity, and I'm a huge consumer of their literature, entertainment and design products.

Why I Like to Travel

I like to travel because travel encourages us to have an open mind to accept new cultures, foods, languages and people. When we can see and taste first-hand new and different experiences, this helps us broaden our connection to peoples and places that previously felt foreign to us.