Kandi Silk

Air Sales Manager; Senior Luxury Travel Advisor


Is a Signature Travel Network certified Travel Consultant. A lover of art, nature and outdoors, Kandi especially enjoys experiencing the beauty of new places with her family of five. With 15 years of industry experience, this mother of three young children has educated her kids through travels to Mexico, Costa Rica, Disneyworld and the Caribbean. Kandi enjoys helping clients plan their family vacations, honeymoons, or any other special occasion trips.

Favorite Travel Memory

I saw humpback whales off the coast of Maine and it was absolutely spectacular. I love the feeling of awe and wonder I get from being up close and personal with nature.

Favorite Destination

Anywhere new! I like to experience change and see as many places as I can.

Why I Like to Travel

I love the feeling of awe and wonder I get from exploring our world. It keeps me grounded and thankful for home when I get back.