Kendra Thornton


With a lifetime of travel industry experience, Kendra is the President and Owner of Royal Travel and a nationally recognized travel expert. Drawing from decades of working in the travel industry, Kendra is frequently sought after by national broadcast and print/online media to provide expert commentary on breaking industry news, top destinations, travel trends, and much more. Kendra grew up in the travel industry as it was her parents who founded Royal Travel & Tours in 1972. The family business afforded her the opportunity to travel the globe starting at a very young age. Kendra elected to join the family business in 2014 after she spent a decade running her own successful PR company. She began her career in travel for, just after the site launched, where she oversaw communications and acted as the company's print/TV spokesperson. Kendra graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. and currently lives in Chicago's north suburbs with her husband and children. Watch her TV highlights reel.

Favorite Travel Memory

I would say visiting Egypt the first time (in the 90's). Up until then, I had seen many beautiful ancient things in Europe and other parts of the world, but nothing was as old and miraculous as what I saw in Egypt... so old that even Napoleon had graffiti'd his name on a temple... it was the first time I realized life was very short and not to be squandered.

Favorite Destination

Paris is my second home- it's the one one city I'm always happy to go back to and could just walk the streets all day long. I love the language (I'm fluent), the culture, the food, the history, the monuments, the shopping... I guess you could say I'm a true francophile.

Why I Like to Travel

Travel makes me feel alive and gives me a greater appreciation for all humanity and our beautiful planet. Whether I'm swimming in the crystal blue waters of Bora Bora or walking on a glacier in Iceland or tasting a perfect chicken tangine in Morocco, these experiences give me so much gratitude for all life and for the different people and cultures that live around the world.