Nicole Jakob

Luxury Travel Advisor

Nicole has been dreaming and scheming of the next great trip for as long as she can remember. Her Belgian and Icelandic grandparents once told her to save her money to travel and she has now gratefully traveled to 50 countries and counting. Her grandparents would be proud. Working for many years in marketing and promotions, product development and running her own company led her to realize that the most satisfying life for her is one connected to exploring. Prior to joining Royal Travel & Tours, Nicole was an Expedition Manager at National Geographic Expeditions. She has a husband and three kids who all make seeing the world a priority as much as she does.

Favorite Travel Memory

I have never felt so connected with a place as when I was on safari in Kenya! Camping with the tribes and off the grid, seeing the spectacular Serengeti and all of it's amazing majestic animals was something that I hope I'll never get over. It was an assault on my senses in all of the very best ways. The people there were so lovely and I could not believe that there was such a magical place with natural beauty manifested in the land, the culture, and wildlife. I cannot wait to go back.

Favorite Destination

I have been lucky enough to go to French Polynesia with my husband twice. As scuba divers, it is an amazing experience where we were able to dive with sharks, giant manta rays, turtles, eels, and so many beautiful fish. The overwater bungalows are as luxurious and indulgent as it gets and I often wonder how I can get paid to live in one permanently.

Why I Like to Travel

It's a small world and the only populated one we know of, so I think that it's essential to understand the people who live outside of our everyday life. Experiencing other cultures and seeing where people come from helps to foster gratitude and tolerance, and to me, that's life's biggest gift and obligation. I am so thrilled that my husband and kids feel exactly the same way!