Jaime Hartney

Luxury Travel Advisor


Jaime was born and raised in Naperville, IL and graduated with a degree in Communications from DePaul University. After more than 15 years in the digital advertising industry, she has decided to make a change and follow her true passion: travel! A planner by nature, Jaime has always loved to research and learn as much as she can about new destinations before visiting. While she makes a point to see all of the highlights, she particularly enjoys getting off the beaten path. Some of the favorite places she's been to include Portugal, South Africa and all of Scandinavia. When not traveling, Jaime enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring her city, trying new restaurants and meeting new people.

Favorite Travel Memory

Finnish Lapland is a winter wonderland. Seeing the Northern Lights is the most magical sight I've ever seen. Curtains of light seemed to descend from the darkness as they moved slowly, performing a dance in the sky. I was awestruck!

Favorite Destination

With the colorful historic buildings and classic cars, visiting Havana is like stepping back in time. Cuba's arts & culture scene is as authentic as it gets, and the Cuban people are warm, welcoming, and love to talk.

Why I Like to Travel

I love to travel because it gives me a sense of freedom while keeping me grounded at the same time. It connects me, to the world and to people. Travel is a great teacher and constantly highlights the importance of doing what you love. Also, a source of inspiration, it fuels curiosity and drives the desire for learning.