Jaime Thornton

Travel Advisor


Jaime's passion for travel began when she got engaged at the Luxembourg garden during a trip to France. From that point on, she has immersed herself in the world of travel and sought out great experiences. Jaime has great inside connections in London and the Bay Area. Some of her favorite places to travel include Croatia, Barbados, Burgundy, Hawaii, Montenegro, Tuscany, Mexico and Budapest. Jaime has substantial experience with rivers cruises in northern and central Europe as well as with the U.S. Disney Resorts. Jaime has three young children, and loves to plan family trips.

Favorite Travel Memory

My favorite travel memory is from my first trip to France. In the Spring of 2004 my then boyfriend and I took a trip to Paris, the The Loire Valley and Burgundy. I have French heritage and fell in love with the French culture and beauty immediately. My now husband proposed to me in Paris at Jardin du Luxembourg. Paris will always be beautiful and romantic to me.

Favorite Destination

My favorite travel destination is probably London. I have been several times now to visit good friends and explore the city. There is so much to do and see, each time I go back I feel like I'm visiting for the first time. There is so much incredible history, culture, heritage, and dining and entertainment options. Furthermore, there are many possibilities for amazing day trips all within an hour's train ride. London was my 8 year old son's first trip to Europe. He had an amazing time; the city is great for families.

Why I Like to Travel

I love to to travel to experience new cultures, to meet new people and to learn about the world and myself. I love taking in the beauty of the natural world, and modern and historic landmarks. Each trip I take provides me with gratitude for the experience and a stronger appreciation to home.