Stacey Cohen

Luxury Travel Consultant

Winnetka Office

Stacey has always loved to travel. She spent childhood summers with family in Germany, toured all over Europe, worked in Paris and Germany, and always seems to have a bag ready to go on her next adventure. Her most recent travels include: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, England, and Grenada. After a career as a lawyer and continuing to raise her four children, she decided to follow her passion of travel to planning it for others. She is meticulous in her details and wants to provide the best experiences for her clients. She looks forward in helping her clients enjoy small getaways as well as trips of a lifetime.

Favorite Travel Memory

On our recent trip to New Zealand, we were scheduled to take a glacier hike. Due to bad weather, the helicopter ride was cancelled. Now, having a free day, we decided to hike up to the base of the Franz Josef Glacier. It was the most amazing hike through beautiful scenery. It was one of our favorite days of our trip to New Zealand. We never would have done this if our trip went as planned--- making lemonade out of lemons!

Favorite Destination

Paris. When I was in college, I worked in Paris for two months and that experience has stayed with me my entire life. I arrived with nothing more than the address of where I was staying and then was on my own. I spent my free time walking the city and falling more and more in love with Paris and all the beautiful architecture. I have been back many times since then and the allure has never faded. It is my favorite city in the world.

Why I Like to Travel

Because both my parents were born outside the U.S., and having family overseas, I was introduced to travel at a very young age. I spent my childhood summers with relatives in Germany, who took me all over the country. My parents also traveled with my brother and me all over the U.S. and Europe. In college, I spent a semester in Europe and the Eurorail Pass provided me with the opportunity to see so much of the continent. I love learning about other cultures, seeing beautiful architecture and art, and meeting local people. This has broadened my horizons and I want to continue to travel to make new experiences. I have grown into the the motto of "Have bag, will travel," and adhere to this motto to this day!.